Homemade Pancakes

Annually, my daughters hosted a Xmas celebration. But not just any X-mas celebration. It was a devote-the-night extravaganza complete with our famous RKO Family Unique Homemade Pancakes.

The pancake recipe originated from my mom’s Fannie Farmer Cookbook. While I do not recall seeing the recipe, my mom ordered the recipe over the telephone to me several years past. I named these pancakes “unique” because they were consistently served throughout the Xmas celebration with one unique fixing.

This can be an easy pancake recipe which is so superior to a mix! Try this out and I would like to know what you believe!

RKO Unique Homemade Pancakes


2 tbs butter, melted down
1 egg
2 tbs sugar
1 cup self-increasing flour

Baking Suggestion

No kidding. The creature shaped pancakes were always a success. The elephant contour was always a success, but so difficult to keep the trunk connected – see all my forms in the image backdrop! as soon as I bought the Mikey Mouse waffle iron, it was really game on! Every single lady needed the Mickey Mouse waffle over the heart-shaped waffle or standard pancakes. It is simply interesting.

Serving Suggestion

Use the good china and allow them to sit before the television set. I determined that if the bathroom were damaged by girls, then that would be okay. It was lots of fun to use them!

Complete Menu

Homemade Pancakes
Pancake Bar
Powdered Sugar
When coming up with this recipe, I quadruple the fixings. The leftovers suspend wonderfully! Simply pop them in the toaster and you’ve got breakfast for arriving week!

Other actions at the celebration contained a Xmas trivia game, filthy Santa X-mas trade and a Christmas craft.

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